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USA Carbide Tooling, Inc. was founded by Thomas L. Mullins Sr. Thomas started out at Carmet in 1952 in the Tool room department and worked thru the ranks to VP of Operations. In 1980 Carmet relocated to Duncan, SC and by the end of 1987, he saw an opportunity to start his own business. In 1988 USA Carbide Tooling, Inc. was established. In 1990 Leonard L. Mullins made the decision to join the family owned business. Thomas passed downed his 51 years of knowledge and experience in the Cold Heading Fastener Industy and in 2003, Leonard became Owner/President of USA Carbide Tooling, Inc. Leonard's son Brett P. Mullins joined in 2003 and quickly started to take in the trade. Once Brett was fully knowledged of semi-finishing he took on learning CNC Machining and Wire EDM. Thomas started USA Carbide Tooling, Inc. in a 2 car garage and now we operate in a 12,000 sq ft building.


USA Carbide Tooling Inc. was founded with a family intent. Here we strive to take care of friends and family. Our employee's are the backbone of our company and we treat them as such. To have a superior product everyone has to work together to strive for excellence. All customers old and new are always treated as family no matter how big or small they are. Our customers can rely on a well made product the first time and when emergencies happen and you need parts quick our stock list has a wide range of standard sizes which can have a 24-48 hr turn around depending on quantity, sizes and time of order. When you call our staff you will always feel like its a family astmosphere and not just a random sales call. At the end of the day we aim to please our customers so we will do whatever is necessary to help grow there business.


USA Carbide Tooling, Inc. carries a wide range of unground standard sizes that allow quick turn arounds. Mistakes can happen and your business shouldn't have to suffer. If we have the parts, we can do quick turn arounds as quick as ship same day depending on time of order. Vendors sometimes don't put enough stock on parts so we try to use all scrap to help our customers and vendors eliminate scrap rate to a minimium. When we or the vendor make mistakes we discount those parts or use them in emergency deliveries. Call today to find out what sizes are in stock that are being discounted and dont forget to ask for the stock list.

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