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Cold Heading Carbide Inserts

 Here at USA Carbide Tooling Inc. we have been servicing the Cold Heading Industy since 1988. Since day 1 quality has always been top priority and with multiple carbide vendors that are ISO certified we offer competive pricing and delivery. Having quality carbide is key to a successful business. Our quality speaks for itself and with dramactically less reworks and returns your business doesn't have to slow down due to poor quality. We offer rough core, OD only, OD/Length only, semi-finish and finished inserts. 

CNC OD Grinding and Laser Etching

With our Tru Tech OD Grinder mixing old school techniques with new innovation helps keep quality up and faster delivery. The capabilities are endless on this machine. We specialize in taper OD'S, step OD nibs, back tapers, rounded edges and nozzles. Laser Etching was started back in 2016 to have a cleaner finish on the part. Using an Epilog laser has opened the door to control what you need marked on your parts and being able to laser something to where you need a loop to read it is amazing. We can etch all materials that are not flammable and from barcodes to print numbers your in control of what you need on your parts. 

Wire EDM

Since 2005 USA Carbide Tooling Inc. has been using wire edm machines and constantly been building on that department. Now with 3 Charmilles and 2 Fanuc edm machines we can service multiple industries with there wire edm needs. Having built in CAD systems that can work with both types of machines help progamming and wiring faster then ever making us very competitive with pricing and delivery.

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